I am a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Margaret Crofoot's lab at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, where I am developing tracking technologies for apes and contributing to Dr. Crofoot's Food For Thought project. Additionally, I have been invited into the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation where I am coordinating their tracking and telemetry research.

I earned my PhD in evolutionary anthropology at Rutgers University, where I was a member of Dr. Erin Vogel's Laboratory for Primate Dietary Ecology and Physiology, and a graduate affiliate in the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies.

I specialize in applying new technologies and quantitative approaches to studying free ranging animals, specifically to study their spatial movement and map their resources. My research interests are generally centered around how animals interact with their environments. I am very interested in what constitutes foraging goals, what individuals know about their goals, and how individuals go about obtaining those goals. I am also interested in the effect animals have on their environments, and their potential role in ecosystem function.

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